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…All you need is a plan specialised for you! You need more than simply going through worked examples or reviewing homework; you need to determine the root cause of your concerns and scrap them for good. We can make this happen so you can wave goodbye to your worries.

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The Problem

Teachers are already overworked trying to keep up with all the syllabus needs and paperwork. As such it is very easy for a student to miss key concepts. This problem only gets worse and compounds. In a normal classroom, it is close to impossible to identify and fix these problems.

The Solution

Getting help which identifies and rectifies these problems. This is our goal at benefit tutoring. Our experts not only help with homework and assessments, but identify where students are lacking in their foundational knowledge. Furthermore, we help with methodical means to help you reach your goals and be confident in Maths!

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What Our Students & Parents
Say About Benefit Tutoring

Chris is a very competent and calming tutor. My daughter comes home feeling more confident is the maths content that is being studied. Chris is easy to work with and has a welcoming environment for learning. He’s very dedicated.

Tutoring Parent

We were so lucky to find Chris. Aside from being very professional and friendly Chris has an amazing ability to be able to simplify problems and explain concepts that make maths so much more enjoyable and easier to understand. My daughter’s knowledge, skills and results have improved tremendously with Chris’s teaching and guidance.

Tutoring Parent

My son is in year 10 and enjoys Chris’s maths lessons. Chris is a professional and excellent teacher who simplifies the maths to suit the student and help with their understanding. He has built my son’s confidence in doing maths .

Marie Bhanugopan
Tutoring Parent

As a year 12 student I was struggling with some concepts, but Chris has an ability to explain maths unlike anybody else. Chris is very organised and is great to work with. He let’s you ask questions and answers them very well. If you struggle with a concept he will explain every part of the concept to you and even provide you with examples to solidify your understanding.

Ali Abbas
Tutoring Student

Chris has been working with our daughter this year. We have seen a huge growth in her confidence and ability all things ‘mathematics’. She regularly describes Chris as having a practical approach to what she has previously found foreign and she delights in her heightened ability to problem solve. We appreciate the relaxed environment offered and are grateful that Chris will work with our daughter through her final years at high school.

Tutoring Parent

Chris is not only a fantastic teacher and tutor but most importantly a great man who is understanding and extremely supportive of his student’s decisions. Being in this level of teaching for a decade now his methods are unmatched. Chris taught me mathematics through the entirety of my senior years at school and I’m all the wiser from it. I can’t think of a greater person as a tutor for myself or for any of my mates.

Tutoring Student

Chris is an amazing teacher. No matter what level the student is at, he can ALWAYS explain it so that it becomes clear. He is patient and approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone wanting Maths tuition especially at the senior level.

Tutoring Student

I would recommend Chris to any parent who is looking for an excellent tutor. He always goes the extra mile and is very kind and supportive. Chris’s encouragement has developed skills and the enjoyment of mathematics. Thank you.

Katrina Cooper
Tutoring Parent

Chris has been teaching my children for 2 years. He is the best maths teacher in the school. He has a thorough understanding of maths and is excellent at explaining the content.

Tom, year 11: “Mr Stirrat is sooo good. He explained algebra to me and now I can actually do it. I would recommend him to anyone struggling with maths. 6 out of 5 stars.”

Rosina Gordon
Tutoring Parent

Christopher made my learning material sound easy compared to the lecturers at my university. He made sure I understood what he was teaching me along the whole way and he gave me plenty of tips to help me on my exam that helped me through my study.

Tutoring Student

My son is now really engaged and enjoying his mathematics since having tutoring with Chris. We’ve noticed the difference in his confidence with maths. I’ve recommended Chris to others and they’ve been very pleased as well.

Jacqueline Godfrey
Tutoring Parent

Chris was a wonderful help for my bskb test. Fitting me in last minute and helped workthrough the questions and explained how to get the answer

Louise Beatty
Tutoring Student

Chris is a friendly and approachable tutor who knew exactly what support I needed to succeed in my Year 11 Mathematical studies. He explained concepts thoroughly and made the extra effort to ensure I understood everything. He is an extremely helpful tutor who has genuine care for his students. I not only recommend Chris to students who are struggling but also to students who want to excel in their studies.

Genina J.
Tutoring Student

With my short time with Chris he was able to teach me new concepts very quickly and in an engaging manner. I would recommend him to anyone who needs assistance with their Maths.

Maths Tutoring

Chris provided tutoring for my son. He was a reliable, attentive and effective tutor. I would recommend him to anyone looking for support in the area of mathematics, particularly at the higher levels of the curriculum.

Stephanie Cust
Tutoring Parent

Chris was a great help with my daughter’s maths tutoring. He communicated effectively and responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a great tutor.

Tutoring Parent

Would recommend to anyone. Figured out how to teach me and put up with me every lesson. Prepared me for HSC which I thought wasn’t possible.

Tom Cooper
Tutoring Student

Chris was a great maths tutor for me. He’s very good at teaching concepts in a multitude of ways such that regardless of my learning style for the topic, he could quickly help me understand it.

He also has very in-depth knowledge about the way to approach exams, and has helped me succeed in both assessments and exams. I highly recommend Chris as a tutor.

Miles Martin
Tutoring Student

Chris was so easy to deal with, he paired me with a tutor that was perfect for what I needed. Will definitely be passing on his details to anyone that needs it. Thanks again Chris!

Tutoring Student

I am currently a Year 11 IB student and every lesson that I’ve had with Chris has been beneficial. Chris always creates a comfortable learning environment and is always reliable and patient. He genuinely cares about my wellbeing and is always kind and understanding. He is also able to deconstruct difficult maths concepts in an understandable way. For Wagga tutoring I would 100% recommend Chris to anyone !

Tutoring Student