Frequently Asked Questions
01. I am not sure and skeptical about online tutoring, why can’t I just have lessons in person?

Our online sessions are live and not prerecorded, as is the case with other tutoring companies. This then means students can interact with the tutor. Furthermore, with current technology and hardware owned by the tutors and an ability to use them effectively tutors are able to provide an atmosphere where students feel as though the tutor is actually there. Another added bonus of online tutoring is there is no travel time and it is all completed from the comfort of your own home.

02. Will I receive the same tutor each week?

At Benefit tutoring we believe that for students to attain the best help possible relationship and rapport with the tutor of great benefit. As such students will have the same tutor each week and won’t be moved around and treated as a number, but rather an individual and unique learner.

03. Can I ask my tutor for help during the week?

We understand that at times the odd question may arise that you would like help with outside the specific tutoring time. Consequently we provide an extra email support service with which students can receive additional support during the week.

04. What qualifications do the online tutors have?

The tutors at Benefit Tutoring vary in their qualifications, but each tutor has been handpicked for their talent to be able to tutor efficiently and foster a great care for education. As part of the team we have a vast array of individuals, working in different spheres, which grants our students a plethora of people with different life experiences. Amongst other achievements and roles our tutors are university graduates, masters students, undergraduates, PHD students, statisticians and bankers. 

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